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     QUALIFICATIONS FOR VFW VAVS REPRESENTATIVES: The Veterans Affairs Volunteer Services (VAVS) Representative and Deputy Representative must possess a sincere interest in the welfare of the hospitalized veterans. He/she must have the ability to work with others, possess leadership ability, be able to attend VAVS, District and Post meetings and have a thorough knowledge of the VF W. He/she must be able to interpret the VAVS programs to the VFW Districts and Posts in his/her area; and have the time, ability, and the desire to accomplish the work. He/she must be certified by the National VAVS Representative to have the authority to speak for the VFW, act as liaison officer with the hospital to which he/she is assigned, and cast the VFW's vote on the VAVS Advisory Committee.

     APPOINTMENT: The District Commander or VAVS Representative may recommend comrades qualified for appointment. The State Commander, however, is the appointing officer with final certification being made by the National VAVS Representative. The individual appointed to this directorship will wear red piping on his/her cap. No individual may represent more than one organization at a time. Any changes or new appointments require the approval of the Chairman to ensure hospital volunteer experience and compatibility with hospital volunteer service staff.

     RESPONSIBILITY: Coordination of the volunteer resources of the VFW, dissemination and interpretation of VAVS information, policies and procedures. Attendance at VAVS committee meetings, participation on subcommittees and study groups, coordinate the volunteer services of all Posts serving the facility to which he/she is assigned.

     RECRUITMENT OF VOLUNTEERS: One of the most important things a VAVS Representative or Deputy must undertake is recruitment of volunteers. Please stress the point that for you to be eligible to receive either VA or VFW hour awards, a volunteer must be registered. Their hours are recorded with Voluntary Services.

     Volunteers are needed on both occasional and on regularly assigned basis. There are many assignments that are filled by volunteers: Escort Service, Rehabilitation (recreation), Occupational Therapy, Social Service, Chapel Service, Pharmacy, Library Service, Dietetics, etc., just to name a few. There is need for so many more volunteers at every VA facility to provide the important extra services, which mean so much to the hospitalized veterans. Show them that YOU CARE. VOLUNTEER! Call me, if I can be of help.

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