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     The Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of California, in 1983 entered into an agreement with a fundraising firm to raise monies to send hospitalized veteran wheelchair patients to the National Veterans Wheelchair Games and older veterans (55 and older) to the National Veterans Age Games. The Veterans Administration sponsors these events each year. The veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of California, have been sending between 100 and 130 veterans (who are under V.A. care) to each of these therapeutic clinics every year since 1984. Any veteran who is cleared by his or her V. A. medical center is eligible for the V.F.W. assistance. Membership in our organization is not a criteria nor is it considered during the application process.

     Sports and recreation are an integral component in V.A. Rehabilitative Medicine. At the V.A. Hospitals, Recreational Therapy plays a major role in the lives of disabled and older patients. The sponsors of these games are committed to improving the quality and quantity of life and to foster better health through sporting competition. The National Veterans Golden Age Games and National Veterans Wheelcha ir Games Program serve as showcases for the lives of all veterans.

     The National Veterans Golden Age Games, June 9-12, 2001 were in Duncanville, Texas, for veterans 55 and older, male or female, ambulatory or wheelchair assisted, sighted or visually impaired who will compete in age group categories. Competitions include: shot put, discus, softball hit, basketball free throw, air guns, table tennis, checkers, shuffleboard, horseshoes, billiards (8or 9 ball), croquet, swimming, bowling, bicycle races and golf. The 2001

     National Veterans Wheelchair Games were held in New York City for veterans who use a wheelchair due to spinal cord injury, paralysis, disease or amputation and are under V.A. care. Competitors are grouped by level of ability with three (3) levels of competition for quadriplegic and five (5) levels of competition for paraplegics and one for amputees. Competitions include: wheelchair racing (100 to 5,000 yards), javelin, shot-put, discus, bowling
(ramp, handle ball and standard), wheelchair basketball, slalom (obstacle course), swimming, table tennis, billiards (8 or 9 ball) tennis, quad rugby, team softball and electric wheelchair rally.

     The venues for these competitions vary and are hosted by local Veterans Administration Medical Facility. The veteran is responsible for travel and hotel expenses. Food is provided by the hosting facility.

     The Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of California Golden Age Games/Wheelchair Games Programs are an expensive endeavor and we would invite all to join with us in supporting these most worthy veterans in their health maintenance and care. All major donators will be recognized at the V.F.W. State Convention and will be presented a plaque in appreciation of their support.

     Competition applications for either of the games are obtained from the Department of Veterans Affairs Recreation Therapy Offices in the VA Medical Centers.

     The VFW Department of California Transportation Grant Applications are obtained from any Wheelchair Games committee person or the Department of Veteran Affairs Medical Center Recreation Therapy Offices. The Veterans Golden Age/Wheelchair Games Fund is a viable VFW program. Each Post should report with a recommended $.25 (25 cents) per Post member if possible. Each District and Post must have their own chairman to coordinate reports, pin sales, and fund raising activities for the program.

Program participation will be awarded as follows:

     Donations of $50 to $199 will receive a certificate of appreciation.
     $200 - $449 will receive a 5 x 7 plaque.
     $450 to $649 will receive an 8 x 10 plaque.
     $650 - $849 will receive an 11 x 14 plaque.
     Greater than $850 will receive a Spirit of the Games Plaque.

All awards will be presented during the awards session at the department convention.


     Report donations to the Veterans Wheelchair Games Fund on the “Golden Age/Wheelchair Games Report Form” below. Make checks payable to: VFW, Department of California, ear marked “Golden Age/Wheelchair Games Programs” and send checks and W.C. Games report to Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of California, 7111 Governors Circle, #301, Sacramento, California 95823.


     Post/Auxiliary Number _______________      Check Number _______________

     Amount ___________________________     Date _______________________

      Mail along with a check payable to Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of California - (Wheelchair Games) to: Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of California, 7111 Governors Circle, #301, Sacramento, California 95823.

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